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Factors know they need social media. Many Factors have a Facebook and or LinkedIn page. The same social media platforms that work for people and employees don't really deliver the potential that an industry specific platform such as FactorsNetwork is capable of providing. Companies need networking sites specific to their industries.

FactorsNetwork gives Factoring companies the opportunity to come together, Factor to Factor, and collaborate for our mutual benefit. Why should we give so much money to third party credit agencies when we can build a superior service by working directly together on FactorsNetwork? Membership is reasonably priced at $1,000 per month if you share your Trade Experience with the Network. If your company is unable or unwilling to share for some reason, fees are increased depending on usage. Contact us for a quote.

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Our goal is to bring the entire Factoring community together on one website. When we are all communicating freely, in one centralized location we will all be more profitable. We can help each other on Credit, Due Diligence, Fraud Prevention and much more. Take fraud prevention for example, it make no sense to us why in this day and age fraudsters are able to roll through Factoring companies, committing fraud after fraud. Often times they will resell the same fraudulent documents to multiple Factors. We like to use the Credit Card companies as a model. The Credit Card companies communicate so someone can't defraud Visa and then get an American Express card. Factors deserve a similar system to ensure our mutual security.


Leveraging our knowledge and connections in Factoring and with website design, FactorsNetwork started with FNCreditExchange and now contains a host of valuable online services that any Factor can use and increase their profitability overnight. Please visit our Products menu for detail on each offering.

FactorsNetwork shall continue finding innovative ways to change the status quo and help Factors increase profitability.