Update No Buy List


This method will update no buy list in the system.


Requires HTTP BASIC authentication.The authenticating user must be associated with the creditor.

HTTP Methods

Accepts POST requests.



Path Variables

Name Required/Optional Description Validation
uuid required The UUID of the creditor in the system Creditor UUID should exist in the system.


Name Required/Optional Description Validation
debtor required The UUID of the debtor in the system Debtor UUID should exist in the system.
status required Debtor's status Valid values are DENIED, REVIEW_REQUIRED or NONE. If NONE is selected then the debtor will be removed from no buy list.

Curl Example


curl -k -u apiuser:test -X POST "https://www.factorsnetwork.com/api/creditors/e6aaa036-2121-d11d-dd33-869ffac113be/no_buy_list" -d "debtor=4ed02be3-2121-d11d-dd33-869ffac113be&status=DENIED"


  "creditorDebtorOverrideResponse" : {
    "debtor" : "4ed02be3-2121-d11d-dd33-869ffac113be",
    "companyName" : "BROKERAGE INC",
    "mcNumber" : 347803,
    "dotNumber" : 7897665,
    "creditor" : "e6aaa036-2121-d11d-dd33-869ffac113be",
    "status" : "DENIED"

Note: Responses will not be pretty printed when using the API, but have been formatted here for documentation purposes.