Client Accounts

Many Factors want their Clients to have direct access to the CreditExchange Credit Reports. We offer a client account that will allow the client to pull reports. The client report will show your approved/deny status if you choose to use that complimentary service. You manage the approve/deny by teaching the computer what you need to approve a debtor. For every credit report your client's pull our computer will pass it through your parameters and let the client know what decision you would make.

Clients can access Credit Reports in one of two ways. You can either give them a login to your account or your software company can get a portal setup with us and your clients will never have to leave your software to pull reports.

If your software company has integrated with us you have lots of options. Your clients can run credit 24/7 and get a simple Approved/ Denied status, or they can see the entire report, depending on your preference. If they see the entire report it can be stamped with your approve/deny status. The clients can then setup the debtor in your system and all you have to do is setup a credit limit.

Client Accounts allow you to offer better service since the clients will get an instant response and be able to get credit run 24/7, not only when your credit department is open. Even if you maintain an online database for clients, our client accounts will enhance your offerings. Now your clients will have access not only to the debtors in your database but to the debtors of all Factors on our Network.

Client Accounts also reduces the workload on your staff by automating credit and having it processed without interrupting your staff's workflow. If your software company is one that has integrated with us you will get a notice of the accounts your clients have pulled credit on. The system will automatically set the account up for you and then you only have to set the credit limit.

All of this is complimentary for CreditExchange participants.