Credit Reports

Here are a few things that make FactorsNetwork CreditExchange stand out from the competition.

Fresh Data

Much of our data is updated nightly, giving you the freshest credit reports available.

Detailed Data

We group aging info in 15 day buckets, giving you much more exact info than the standard 30 day aging buckets.

Operational Data Exchange

FactorsNetwork takes Trade Data Exchange one-step further than ever before. Our Credit Reports provide a centralized location where Factors can exchange operational information on the debtor.

This system increases efficency and reduces friction with debtors. No longer does each factor have contact the same debtors over and over to ask the same basic operational questions when one Factor can do it and update our database to allow all other Factors access to the information.

Our complimentary centralized database allows factors to network on operational questions such as such as:

  • Where to send the Notice of Assignment?
  • Does the customer give advances?
  • Do they require originals?
  • Who is the A/P and A/R contact, what is their preferred method of contact?
  • Will the customer ACH payments?
All those questions and more can all be managed collectively right on the debtors credit report.

When you are working with a new debtor you can check their credit report and see if the data has already been gathered by another factor. If not you can contact them and update the database so the next time a Factor uses them they won't have to call and ask the same questions. Why should customers have to answer the same questions over and over for different Factors when we can now communicate it to each other for free?

Long Term Data

We have an excellent graphing and ranking metric and track days to pay over all time allowing you to get a sense of how the debtor is now performing relative to their historical average. Some of the debtors in our database have records going back to 2004! Although you can see the averages right on the graphs you can pull a credit report going as far back into the past as we have data.

Extensive DOT Data

FactorsNetwork maintains FMCSA data on Transportation Entities. You can view brokers Company Profile, Authority History, Insurance History, Pending Applications, Revocations, Active/Pending Insurance and Rejected Insurance.

Enhanced Communication

The ability to message the other Factors right off the credit report and read historical messaging on the debtor goes a long way to helping you make a decision. Let's say you have a question regarding a non-payment complaint or some strange item in the aging. Simply click Send Message and message the other Factor. You will get a response and it will be posted on the credit report so if someone else has the same question later they won't have to ask it again.

Free Credit Reports

Since the reports are free you will find that you pull them much more often and find new uses for them that you never envisioned before. Additionally, you no longer need to print and file reports. Our system allows you to pull a report as of a date so you can look back in time and see what it looked like then. This will save you time and paper.