Portfolio Analysis

Our Portfolio Analysis tool is a great opportunity to proactively manage your portfolio. Just imagine you had the resources to periodically run credit reports on your entire debtor base to see if there were any debtors you had to worry about. How much better would you sleep at night if you could do this on a regular basis?

Imagine the peace of mind such a program would give you. Implementing a program like this would make you a truly proactive credit manager. No longer would you have to sit around and wait for someone else to post an alert to find out a customer is having problems.

Once you are on our CreditExchange you can teach the system what kind of parameters you need in order to grant credit to a customer. Once the system knows your parameters it will run your debtor base against those parameters and let you know of any that you would deny.

Access to such a system is now a reality for all FactorsNetwork CreditExchange members. Credit Alerts and Portfolio Monitoring help you to react when a customer starts to pay poorly. Portfolio Analysis tool allows you to take a proactive stance and know about the problems while they are small.

It's a complimentary service if you share your trade data information on the CreditExchange.