Nick Pipilas,

President Saint John Capital

Once again I just wanted to follow up to our recent telephone conversation and say thank you for providing the "Factors Network Credit Exchange" to Saint John Capital. Not only have we saved thousands of dollars each month in credit reporting costs but your product is second to none! And what I mean by that is Saint John Capital has not had any losses for the last 2 years and we attribute this $0.00 loss ratio to the "Factor Network Credit Exchange".

John Downing,

President Thunder Funding, LLC

"The group at Factors Network and their Credit Exchange platform has made the use of their credit software an integral part of our business. Not only is the up-to-date data driven by other factors and shippers alike, the implementation of other features like Creditor Settings, Fraud Alerts and Carrier Monitoring allow us to better manage our overall risk profile."

Bryan Dar,

AR Manager FactorLoads

"I have been using several other credit reports to refer to when making decisions on the credit history of customers, but was not very satisfied with the information I would get. Reports were expensive, often dated, and not always very helpful. CreditExchange reports definitely have more detailed credit history that helps me to make the right decisions on extending credit to the right customer."

Mickey Seeman,

Sunbelt Finance

"We like having all the basic account debtor information in one location. Payment history, comments from other users and the ability to save our personal search history is very convenient. Our account reps were going to multiple sites to collect information that is now available at one site the"

Jeremy Robison,

Tetra Capital

"Factors Network is a valuable part of our factoring business. Our ability to pull reports at no cost, while working with our peers has saved us thousands of dollars and allowed us to benchmark against other companies in the industry. What a great way to work together to strengthen our industry, while keeping client information completely confidential. I would highly recommend fncreditexchange as a tool to help grow and manage your portfolio."

Ira J. Graiser, Partner

G Squared Funding

"FN Credit Exchange is a great fit for our business. The understanding of our industry, and the risk scoring has made it easy for our CRM's to make business critical decisions fast and with confidence. This free service is helping all factors who participate save money."