Get Carrier Monitoring Alerts


This method is used to get Carrier Monitoring alerts.


Requires HTTP BASIC authentication.

HTTP Methods

Accepts GET requests.



Path Variables

Name Required/Optional Description Validation
creditor required The UUID of the creditor in the system Creditor UUID should exist in the system

HTTP Parameters

No HTTP parameters.

Curl Example


curl -k -u apiuser:test -X GET ""


  "carrierAlertsResponse" : [{
    "alertDate" : "09/02/2014",
    "message" : "Insurance on file for MC#10928 of type BIPD was adjusted from $536,000 to $0"
  }, {
    "type" : "ADDRESS_CHANGE",
    "alertDate" : "09/02/2014",
    "message" : "Business address for MC#17262 has changed from 2536 N MAIN # 3 9,RIVER VIEW OR 32222 to 54647 MAIN ST NE # 39,RIVER VIEW  OR 2333"
  } ],
  "totalRecords" : 2

Note: Responses will not be pretty printed when using the API, but have been formatted here for documentation purposes.