Import Data


This method imports data for a given creditor and a given month.


Requires HTTP BASIC authentication. The authenticating user must be an admin of the creditor in order to import the creditor's data.

HTTP Methods

Accepts POST requests. Request must be of type multipart/form-data.



Path Variables

Name Required/Optional Description Validation
UUID required The UUID of the creditor to import the data for. Creditor UUID should exist in the system.
MONTH required The month to import the data for Should be in YYYY-MM format

HTTP Parameters

Name Required/Optional Description Validation
file required The file containing the data to import. The format is determined by the import format assigned to the creditor The file should be in appropriate format which is assigned to the creditor

Curl Example


curl -u apiuser:test -X POST -F file=@myfile



Note: The totalRecords depends on the file. Responses will not be pretty printed when using the API, but have been formatted here for documentation purposes.