List Chameleon Watchlist


This method is used to search and retrieve a list of chameleon watchlist and their data. By default chameleon watchlist order by mcNumber.


Requires HTTP BASIC authentication.

HTTP Methods

Accepts GET requests.



Path Variables

Name Required/Optional Description Validation
creditor required The UUID of the creditor in the system Creditor UUID should exist in the system

HTTP Parameters

Name Required/Optional Description Validation
firstResult optional The index of the first result to return Value should be 0 or greater than 0
maxResults optional The maximum number of results to return Default is 100 and Max is 1000.
searchType required The search type. Default is directSearch. Value can be directSearch or fuzzySearch
companyName optional The name of the company, if company name contains a space, replace that space with %20. for eq: companyName=1%20Transport. Searching will be done in a case insensitive fuzzy manner. Value should not be greater than 100 characters
mcNumber optional The MC number
dotNumber optional The DOT number
phoneNumber optional The Phone Number
address optional The address. Searching will be done in a case insensitive fuzzy manner.
city optional The name of the city. Searching will be done in a case insensitive fuzzy manner
state optional The state code
vinNumber optional The VIN Number
licensePlateNumber optional The License Plate Number
licensePlateState optional The state code

Curl Example


curl -u apiuser:test ""


  "chameleonSearchResponse" : [ {
    "dotNumber" : 7676989,
    "mcNumber" : 1,
    "companyName" : "Company, LLC",
    "status" : null,
    "alerts" : 0,
    "chameleonNotes" : 6,
    "dateUpdated" : "11/25/2013"
  } ],
  "totalRecords" : 118

Note: Responses will not be pretty printed when using the API, but have been formatted here for documentation purposes.