Update Alerts


This method updates an existing alerts in the system.


Requires HTTP BASIC authentication.

HTTP Methods

Accepts POST requests.



Path Variables

Name Required/Optional Description Validation
uuid required The UUID of the creditor in the system Creditor UUID should exist in the system.
alertUuid required The UUID of the alert in the system Alert UUID should exist in the system.


Name Required/Optional Description Validation
read required If true then alerts will be mark as read else unread. Value Should be true or false.

Curl Example


curl -u apiuser:test -X POST "https://www.factorsnetwork.com/api/creditors/24b3602c-dacc-4022-9ade-ecf99f749529/alerts/6e9a444d-2121-d11d-dd33-869ffac113be.json?read=true"


  "alerts" : [ {
    "uuid" : "6e9a444d-2121-d11d-dd33-869ffac113be",
    "read" : "2012-05-09 09:05:15",
    "creditorUuid" : "24b3602c-dacc-4022-9ade-ecf99f749529",
    "message" : "New non-payment complaint for LINER CORP.",
    "creationDate" : "2012-05-09 09:05:15.971",
    "debtorUuid" : "645d5f2e-2121-d11d-dd33-869ffac113be"
  } ]

Note: Responses will not be pretty printed when using the API, but have been formatted here for documentation purposes.