API Overview


This document will help you to understand how to do the initial setup.


The first API to be hooked up to should be the Add Creditor API, this will allow you to setup a Creditor in the system

Next you should enable the factor to load their AR data to their account so they will have access to FactorsNetwork. You can do this with the Import Data API. Details can be found in Standard 15 Day Import Format.

Next you will want to enable your users to pull a credit report, to find the debtor they want to pull the report use List Debtors API.

Pull the report use Get Report Token API.

To enable your users to post non payment complaints and noteworthy issues to the credit report using List Note Types API and Add Note API.

To allow your users to set their approve/deny settings so that their clients can see their decisioning using Get Creditor Setting API and Update Creditor Setting API.

No buy lists can be uploaded using Get No Buy List API and Update No Buy List API

To allow the users to factor non payment complaints and other notes into the approve/deny decision use the Update Note Type Deny List API.

Now you are ready to present loads with the factors approve/deny decision next to the load search results, use the List Loads API.